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Endless Rampage

The universe in which Hungry Dragon takes place is about to face a big threat. Fortunately, you are on the winning side, controlling a gigantic dragon that is always with hunger and ready to destroy anyone who it may find along the way.

It’s time to take flight with your first and probably favorite creature, releasing its legendary fire and blazing houses down, no matter to which village or empire they belong to. There is no warrior or army capable of stopping the rampage once it begins, as long as you seize control of its powers and make sure that every obstacle is surpassed.

Expand the Collection and Double the Threat

Many unique fire-breathing creatures are waiting to be achieved. Unlock every one of them one by one, adding to your collection. Once they are tamed and answering to you alone, it’s possible to exchange and always take flight with any of them, as you please. Not only that, they can change appearance so that the game doesn’t turn monotonous because of repetition. Customize every single fire-breathing dragon in your collection, adding costumes.

Adding costumes to the dragons is not only for the aesthetic, because they are always magically enchanted and capable of providing great bonuses. Increase the destruction power, the flight speed and even the capacity for eating even more people and items, doubling the threat to humans and the rampage experience.

Upgrade and Get Stronger

The endless hunger is not the limit for the destruction potential of your dragon. Add all possible costumes that can be put together, in order to boost the experience and the power. Then, get to know the pets, which can be equipped to the dragon to give even more burning power, not to mention a stronger bite.

On the pursuit for all these add-ons that will make your hungry dragon one of the strongest to ever live in this fantasy world, make sure to eat as much as possible. It’s not only to help feeding it, as the more people you eat, the bigger the level gets and therefore the attributes shall raise. Increase both level and score, for that’s what your friends are going to be checking on your account!

Reveal Secrets in the Medieval World

The achievement of new dragons that can be unlocked is not the only thing hidden in this game. There are special zones that one will never figure out if not really into the game. Don’t expect an instant revelation for finishing a level. No, explore the potential and strength of your dragon and smash everything. One of those houses or mines could be not only an obstacle, it may be actually hiding a special and secret place.

Reveal those to get even more points and maybe to find a super-secret dragon, hidden from you so that only the best players may use it.

Enemies and Fire

Dragons are extremely powerful, but a world that gave birth to these creatures also has a lot more. There are gigantic trolls that can put up a good fight against your best dragons, so make sure to not underestimate their threat and make sure to defeat them, before continuing the adventure. Smaller but also evil creatures, ready to finish anything that they may encounter along the way, may too be necessary to eliminate.

The weakest and most fun to kill are the fragile humans, with their weapons. They may hurt the dragon a little bit, but an experienced and skillful player will absolutely kill them with a single bite before they could do any harm. Even better, toast them with their villages at the same time, in just a few seconds, with a simple breath.

All this amazing experience just one download apart. Start now with your beginner dragon, get to learn basic controls and how to better surprise the enemies and, finally, increase your collection until you are the owner of every single mystic creature in Hungry Dragon. Share Hungry Dragon cheats with friends and compare the score, to find the one and absolute champion and dragon tamer.

Hungry Dragon Cheats

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